Click to enlargeRovner Versa-X Bb Clarinet Ligature

The Versa-X, the latest addition to Rovner Products’ Next Generation ligatures, evolved from the original Versa design. However, as a Next Generation Product, it now incorporates Rovner’s patented Mass-Loaded Technology, the next wave in Rovner innovation. Although it shares the current Versa ligature’s adjustable flaps and ability to produce a variety of tones, the Versa-X has its own unique characteristics. With the addition of a newly-designed black-on-black layered metal cradle and Rovner’s unique resonating ribs, the Versa-X is an entirely new model. Versa-X converts have described it as “responsive”, “warm-sounding”, “controls the sound quality in the higher registers”, “stable”, “centered” and “fun to play!” Like all Rovner ligatures, it offers excellent intonation, extraordinary resonance and extreme performance. Matching cap is included.

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